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After the loss, both he and his party tacked East with overt anti-NATO rhetoric, a response to Yushchenko's push for Ukraine to join NATO.

From January through April 2008, the Party of Regions mounted a slick, well-coordinated campaign against Ukraine's NATO membership.

The "NATO No" slogan appeared on giant television screens and mass-produced blue signs at rallies where Yanukovych spoke.

The same slogan was emblazoned on blue and yellow signs carried by the party's members of Parliament onto the floor of the Parliament in February.

Manafort was hired to prepare the Party of Regions for the parliamentary elections of 2006, in which Yanukovych would try to reclaim the office of prime minister. State Department cable from 2006 said that Manafort's job was to give the Party of Regions an "extreme makeover" and "change its image from …

By 2006, Manafort and his team were "the principal political consultants in the Party of Regions," said Taras Chornovil, a former Ukrainian Parliament deputy who was a member of the party from 2004 to 2007. a haven for mobsters into that of a legitimate political party."Related: FBI Making Inquiries Into Ex-Trump Campaign Manager's Foreign Ties Manafort allegedly came up with the POR's slogan for the 2006 election, "A Better Life Today." Though Manafort couldn't speak Russian or Ukrainian, he taught Yankovych how to give a speech and how to stay on message.

The whole idea, it really worked."Berezovets called anti-NATO rhetoric "one of the key ideas of Paul Manafort."A former U. diplomat in the region said he doubted using wedge issues like NATO was Manafort's idea, but said, "Manafort was not above telling Yanukovych to exploit wedge issues." He also acknowledged it could seem odd for a U. citizen to be advising an anti-NATO candidate: "I think he probably distinguishes his personal values from his political advice."Through his spokesman, Manafort said he never had anything to do with any anti-NATO rhetoric. Manafort encouraged the POR to move towards the West and NATO."The Party of Regions won the parliamentary elections in 2006, making Yanukovych prime minister again.A former Trump aide now under federal investigation as part of the Russia probe earned millions working for a corrupt pro-Russian political party that repeatedly disparaged America's most important military alliance.Paul Manafort, who was Trump's campaign chief from May to August 2016, spent nearly a decade as a consultant to Ukraine's Party of Regions and its standardbearer, Viktor Yanukovych.When Chornovil complained about Manafort to a close associate of Yanukovych, Chornovil said the man told him Manafort was untouchable — "a big cheese here, in charge of everything."Manafort was also trying to help Yanukovych expand his base of support.Ukraine has a sharp political and geographic divide between its pro-Western, Ukrainian-speaking majority and a large Russian minority that looks East.Responding to criticism that he was simply repackaging a flawed candidate, Manafort told the New York Times at the time, "I am not here just for the election…I am trying to play a constructive role in developing a democracy. Yanukovych, meanwhile, traveled to Germany as part of a bid for European Union membership.I am helping to build a political party."Manafort hired the American public relations firm Edelman to boost Yanukovych's public image in Europe and the U. "In public and private statements both at home and abroad," said another leaked cable, "Yanukovych consistently reiterates his government's commitment to Europe."Yanukovych lost the 2007 race.According to Chornovil, Manafort's campaign tactics that year also included mandating that Yanukovych surrogates wear make-up and Hugo Boss suits during TV interviews.After their TV appearances, they had to return the rented suits to party headquarters, Chornovil said.He could attract pro-Western Ukrainians, meanwhile, by broadcasting his support for European Union membership. ambassador to Ukraine from 2006 to 2009, said Manafort would contact the U. embassy and tell them he was urging his client to look West.Some oligarchs behind the party were eager to do business with Europe anyway. "[He said] he'd tell Yanukovych, 'You'll do better in Western Ukraine if you orient more toward Europe," recalled Taylor.Viktor Yanukovych had been governor of Donetsk, a Russian-speaking region close to the Russian border, and then the prime minister of Ukraine.He and his faction, the Party of Regions, were thought by many Western observers to have links to organized crime. ambassador to Ukraine from 2004 to 2006, said the motivations of the oligarchs who ran the party seemed uncomplicated.While other American consultants, both Democratic and Republican, were working on the campaigns of Ukraine's pro-Western "Orange" parties, Manafort was working for a party whose base was in Russian-speaking Eastern Ukraine.Manafort's new bosses were oligarchs friendly to Moscow, and hostile to America's principal military alliance, NATO.

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FASB ASC Topic 830, , requires that all income transactions be translated at the rate that existed when the transaction occurred.

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I read recently in the San Diego paper a chilling article that said that as gas prices have been soaring, the result is that billions of increased revenues have been flowing into the oil-rich Persian Gulf states who have been buying tons of weapons.

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Perhaps most of those viewers who are making this film into a monumental success simply have no exposure to the art form of 20th century Musicals.

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Early warming in the spring encourages a flush of tender growth that is sensitive to frost events later in the spring [12,13]., strobilus bud initiation and differentiation are closely tied to shoot phenology, and occur in early summer, the year before cones emerge.

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