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For someone who likes to pick at people, she isn't much of a fighter.She prefers to outsmart her enemies rather than physically take them on, though she won't willingly take a beating.Though, my parents always pampered me, I only felt a real connection with my aunt. When it came to my parents if I wanted something I would have it almost immediately.But when it came to aunt May, I had to work for it. My father is a successful man in architecture, but being his sister she would always tell him not to get me things when I refused to do my chores."You ask Arieddne why their bond is so strong then"You, little weirdo. Likes: Penny enjoys tattoos and piercings which can easily be seen just by looking at her. She's rambunctious, most likely due to her excessive consumption of lollipops.

If you can handle her hard exterior, you'll see she's quite gooey on the inside.Wait till the end of the bio to ask questions, capiche? Now you may be wondering why my relationship with my aunt is so pure... She taught me that everything won't always be served on a silver platter, she taught me not to take things for granted, and most importantly, she taught me how to cook.""My mother taught me to respect my superiors while my father taught me to crush my underlings, but my aunt taught me to never burn my bridges.I may seem like a snooty rich girl to you, but I have morals."Hesitant, you ask her if she still keeps in contact with them"My mother died just last year, actually. But I still keep in contact with my father and aunt May who keeps my dad company, since I can't be there."Arieddne feels more content and open about the whole conversation, if you could call it that."Alrighty, any other questions, little weirdo?Anyway, I'm an open role player(probably not the correct term), meaning I'll role play practically anything. I usually try to adjust to my Rp partner's reply lengths by replying with similar reply lengths.Uh, I don't abandon role plays If you abandon one of our role plays that's okay. However, I don't do one liners, these are the types of things that make a Rp a drag."You ask her if she's employed"Yeah, I work part-time as a librarian at the local bookstore.Just something to do."You ask why exactly did she come here"My father wanted me to live somewhere safe and secure so he sent me here. It has a little bit of everything."Thanking her for her cooperation, you get up to leave"No problem, be sure to stop by the library sometime, (Y/N)."Personality: Arie can be harsh and unaware of how others feel.She ran into the bedroom, climbing onto the bed to get into her bowl on the nightstand, Her little paws leaving prints on the sheets Quotes: "It's pronounced Arie-edd-nee, not Arie-deen.""If I could actually go fuck myself I would. ""I'd rather be a smart ass rather than a dumb one."Name: Arieddne Margo Nicknames: "Most call me Arie, some call me Marie, but don't you dare call me Edd."Rank: DChronological Age: 19Physical Age: 17Birthday: November 8th Zodiac Sign: Scorpio ♏Gender: Female Relationship Status: Single Blood Type: B Species: Human Status: Currently reorganizing the books in the horror section Affiliations: May(Aunt)Family: Anthony & Vale Margo(Parents)Background: "You want to know my backstory? "You state your name and ask her again"Do you always go around asking people about their personal lives? Alright, I don't see the problem aside from it being creepy.I'll tell you about me, take a seat."You regret asking but follow through"I, Arieddne, grew up with my loving parents and aunt May. She has a stealing habit and sometimes comes off as a bit intoxicated which usually gets her in trouble. ""Ey, hands off the tail, bud."Name: Penny Juvea Alias: Sugar Age: 21Species: Fox humanoid Gender: Female Height: 5'6"Weight: 104 lbs Personality: Penny is childish and playful, sometimes too playful.That's about it."Physical Information: Arie is short for her age, standing at 5'3" and weighing 109 lbs.She has an endomorph body type and is relatively healthy aside from her blood being a little on the thick side.Penny never cared about money, as long as she had enough to buy //There seems to be quite a bit of Homestuck here already.I'm gonna add to that but you don't have to have any knowledge of Homestuck to join. Feferi quickly glanced out the window to check to see if you had returned before she continued turning the sink knobs.

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Communications is rapidly becoming a defining characteristic of the 21st century.

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It's starting to seem as though a more appropriate moniker would be "Paul Sculfor's Sweetheart," however. magazine is to be believed as a legitimate source for celebrity gossip, then this is exactly the case.

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It was here that he eventually partnered with Frankie J, who was part of Selena's brother's group, Kumbia Kings.

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Here is a brief overview of each type of adult chat room available to choose from: Are you tired of watching sex videos with no interaction?

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They do other weird and wonderful niche events such as tall men, bearded men (hello), older women for younger men (LOL), cooking classes, wine tasting, comedy, quiz nights and more.

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We spent some time intensively chatting until the moment I’ve decided to take it offline. so here I am — lucky and a happy man with the most charming woman in the world by his hand!

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